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Name your top 3 debuted groups:

KAT-TUN - I found the agency through these guys and they will always be 6 to me. They brought me to everything I know and love today. I love that they are a group that did everything they wanted to do. They fought for what they wanted. It's just a shame they couldn't all stay together. But they truely are an amazing group of men. Each with such unique talents and styles. I couldn't imagine anyone else being my first in the agency. They will forever have my heart. Each and everyone of them.

Sexy Zone - In the beginning I thought Johnny was out of his mind for debuting an 11 year old and the oldest only being a teen. Then the very first Johnny's Countdown I watched after I found the fandom there was this KID running around getting into everything and I couldn't not follow him. Turns out it was Nakajima Kento. Who thus peaked my curiosity and led me to Fuma. The rest is kinda a blur now. But I love all these boys 100% and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love watching them grow up and grow as a group too. I just know I will see great things from them.

I can't say I have a 3rd GROUP really. I really do like everyone else pretty equally. There are some groups I know a little more about and some who's music I prefer but overall everyone else in the agency is just kinda a chill button. Either I like the music or I don't. Really all these boys are pretty cool in their own ways. If I could choose an artist over a group I would choose Yamapi as the 3rd. I just love Pi!

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