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Which Johnny'sartist is the funniest?

I'm totally giving this one to Kanjani 8. Everything I have seen from them they are freaking hilarious! I know it said artist but I can't choose one so I'm going with a whole group. It's all in good fun anyway right?! And if eighto's can't make you laugh you might want to get your funny bone checked. Lol.

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Which is your favorite JE ballad?

Again, I hate choosing favorites because soo many get left behind. I had a hard time with this one too. But this song always stands out when I think of favorites and it just felt right. I'm probably bending the rules slightly however he was still very much a J&A talent at the time of this release so it still counts :p

赤西仁 - Seasons
Watch: https://youtu.be/D1olZ4xdgPw

Runner up's include:

Sexy Zone
君と...Milky Way
Walk on the Wild Side
Snow & Stars

Bokura no Machi de
Water Dance

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Which is your favorite JE rock song?

I really struggled with this question. It's very difficult to pick a favorite especially because when I think of rock I don't generally think of JE. Lol. And then narrowing the genre down within the agency it's even more difficult. There are soo many that I love and enjoy. So I just picked the first one that came to mind. I don't know if it counts as a rock song or not but I certainly love it.

Watch:  http://www.downvids.net/kat-tun-lips-pv-155168.html

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Name your favorite Johnny's Junior group.


I think these guys are great. Not only do I have a huge bias to a certian Tanaka brother, I really enjoy all of them. At various points throughout the first year I was in the fandom I came across each of them in one way or another. Whether through other people or through concerts or dramas *coughstupidJessecough* they all kinda stood out in various ways. I also love that these guys keep 6 member KAT-TUN's memory alive and just their general style. They have a nice vocal range and compliment each other well.  Juri, Hokku, Jesse, Taiga, Shin, and Yugo, I wish you the best of luck in debuting! You guys rock!!


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